Total Quality Management

We try our best to create a sense of “family” company through our Groups' crew welfare services, all the above features are mainly achieved by conditions on board, good communication, smooth collaboration among crew and ship managers' office personnel, and other relative issues.

More than two thirds of our deployed crew is recurring by the rotation systems, successfully implemented together with our principals, over long years of partnerships.

Innovative and flexible compensation schemes are introduced in early stages of our cooperation's, based on our experience in other sectors and industries of the international and National market, allow our customers a concern Free and exquisite service delivery.

INTERNAL PROCEDURES “as implemented by our IT customized system and internal company processes” Rotation Scheduling, planning Module:

Early planning will offer mind-free work to all involved parties. Documents debriefing in due course, and all other preparation arrangements to get the crew “travel ready” will also create a sense of professional approach towards our seafarers.

New Positions Crew Requirements Module:

Any open vacancies, new or extraordinary crew changes, will be properly documented, scheduled and handled by experienced operators, ready to overcome any challenges, and together with Principals' instructions, thus maximum success will be obtained.

Crew Selection Module:

All data has been included in this module in order to offer to anyone access our database a clear view for each and one of our seafarers. Notes about all aspects have been included.

Crew Preparation, Exclusive Pool Creation, based on each Fleet Managers recommended procedures:

Specialized operators for this part of our activity have been engaged. Our target is to have a whole view of each seafarer preparation stage.

Specialized Repair Teams

Our Company is committed to supplying highly skilled workers on demand for repair work on vessels and in shipyards worldwide. Our staff members are available to overhaul all types of marine engines, diesel generators, hydraulic systems, boilers, condensers, cargo and ballast pumps and to replace on-deck and engine room pipes. They also ensure the fine tuning of onboard instrumentation systems, service of electric, electronic & pneumatic system/devices, complying to the latest regulations aboard vessels and offshore facilities all over the world.

Safety & Health

Providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees;

  • Aiming for incident and accident free operation;
  • Establishing safeguards against all identified risks;
  • Complying with all industry National and International rules and regulations;
  • Improving the safety skills of your employees;


  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and regulatory controls;
  • Reducing the impact resulting from company activities on the environment;
  • Join efforts with society and other organizations for protection of the world’s environment.

Drug & Alcohol

  • Strictly prohibiting employees to carry out duties whilst impaired by alcohol or any illegal or non-prescriptive drug;

Dismissing any employee found to be breaking these company rules.