Quality Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is about building hand–to–hand a world–class crew management service. We have a professional approach to all our partners, aiming always for perfection and excellence in the management and operation of vessels and travelling worker teams, always in accordance with all legal and recent quality regulations. It is our principles that have made Ship Management a desirable and reliable maritime partner, a company where seafarers and technicians in the maritime industry build long lasting careers.

Our priority is the care for our people and we try to create partnership relations with all our seafarers and principals.

Our Mission

In Ship Management we consider quality as a priority. We are dedicated in the delivery of value concern-free customized service.

Our aim is to provide a quality selection of Officers and Ratings for a wide range of customers and to keep our clients always satisfied by providing them the highest quality, safety standards, and economical management and operation of their vessels.

Set up to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of today's maritime industry, we are totally committed to ensuring that clients care, ethics and professionalism remain in the top of their agenda.

This implies provision of high quality value for money services to our principals which will ultimately result in lower operating cost for their running vessels expenses.

  • Action prompt and quick at our client’s requirements;
  • Ability to organize interviews at short notice;
  • Service at highly reasonable costs;

Our Philosophy

Our increasing business derives from the trustful services offered to our principals and the excellent retention rates and performance of the human resources we provide to them regarding their needs for manning vessels or land based operations.

High retention rates and repeat business are actually the result of our continuous efforts to create pools of highly competent professionals who eventually become loyal crew to their principals.

Seafarers are recruited and selected with great diligence and high standard procedures. After all, satisfied loyal seamen will ultimately produce long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships.

Our Company is committed to provide all necessary resources for the implementation of this policy. From simply providing one seaman or up to full crew of any type and size of vessels, we always adjust our procedures to owners’ needs and fulfill their requirements regardless the size of the business.

Total Quality Management

The attributes of our customer service provision allow flexibility, versatility and Expediency which in return, produce high levels of value for money through: Customization, Growth of Service Value, Minimization of our Principals operating costs by Increasing economies of scale through:

  • High retention rates.
  • Integrated crew management services.
  • Low vessel repairs – maintenance expenses.
  • Providing tailor-made innovative services which are cost-effective, safe and reliable.
  • Meeting and exceeding customer requirements.
  • Expedient respond to any circumstantial changes.
  • Our customers find working with us easy and pleasurable.
  • We enjoy the challenge of changes.
  • Top management fully engaged in all partners related servicing.
  • Set the industry benchmark for quality and flexibility in service delivery.
  • Pro-actively seeking our partners view.
  • Top management fully engaged in all partners related servicing.


  • Providing customers with competent, safe, environmentally sound and cost effective services, which meet best industry standards;
  • Striving for continual improvement in all areas of services.
  • Delivery of customized exquisite value for money services which quickly enable us to become your value partner, not just another vendor.